In the format, we have introduced some changes that will help make the contest more interesting and gives you a chance to win more prizes. One such addition is CheckPoints.

Checkpoint – a place where travelers stop for inspection and clearance

There are 2 checkpoints in Adobe riathon ’08.


As you might be aware, the Adobe riathon ’08 final judgment and prize distribution was postponed from November 29th, 2008 due to the Mumbai terror attacks. In the wake of such an unfortunate incident, we thought it was best to not have any kind of celebration or gala function. So we postponed the event and also decided to provide more time for contestants to develop their applications. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Continue Reading »

A lot of people had trouble sending stuff, including application and code to us. This can include the final submissions as well as the checkpoint submissions. Given below is the procedure to send us any of the materials.

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  • Why is this event postponed?

  • Due to the recent terror attacks in Mumbai and the security threat that it has raised, Adobe has decided to postpone the evaluation and prize distribution ceremony of the “Adobe riathon ’08” to a later date. We at Adobe value your safety and security and this has been a primary driver for the decision. We sincerely hope you understand and appreciate this.

  • What does this mean to me as an attendee?

  • Due to this change, we have decided to extend the application submission deadlines to January [update] deadline to 13th January 2009. Check here for the important dates. You may continue to work on your applications and submit to us at a later date which will be intimated to you by email and also be posted on adoberiathon.eventbrite.com and adoberiathon.wordpress.com

  • What happens to my submission? Do i need to resubmit?

  • If you have made your submissions, they are valid and you need not resubmit.

    However you are free to submit an improved version of your application before the revised deadline.

  • Can new registrations happen?

  • Yes, new teams may register until the registrations are closed in early January.

  • When will the event happen?

  • The new dates will be intimated to the registrants by email and will also be posted on adoberiathon.eventbrite.com and adoberiathon.wordpress.com

If you have any questions, drop a mail to riaevent@adobe.com

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the event, very carefully. You can find them here – https://adoberiathon.wordpress.com/terms-and-conditions

If you have any questions, drop a mail to riaevent@adobe.com

Rules & Regulations released

We have released the rules and regulations for the Adobe riathon ’08. You can find them here – https://adoberiathon.wordpress.com/rules-regulations/

If you have any questions, drop a mail to riaevent@adobe.com

Adobe riathon ’08

If you are a Flex/ Flash /  AIR developer and think you can be the one behind the coolest of all  RIAs, you cannot afford to miss this event! Put on your RIA development shoes, build the coolest app that you can imagine and send it to us on or before 13th January, 2009. If your application catches our attention, you will be invited to a very special event on the 17th January, 2009 at Lalit Ashok (erstwhile Grand Ashok), Bangalore where the top applications will go on stage for a demo showdown! This is your chance to Flash your design skills, Flex your coding muscles and  AIR your demos in front of an elite judge panel & the Adobe community.

The Grand winner / winning team will walk away with a groovy Apple IPhone.

The runners up will take home with them a Sony home theater system.

What’s more, there are loads of IPod Nano’s, shuffles and Adobe branded goodies to be won.

This event also brings to you  an exclusive preview on the new developments in the Adobe Flash Platform. Experience the Flash Catalyst (code name Thermo), Gumbo(code name for the upcoming version of Flex) ,FXG and Flash Player 10.

Register today at http://adoberiathon.eventbrite.com

Rules & Regulations https://adoberiathon.wordpress.com/rules-regulations/

Terms & Conditions https://adoberiathon.wordpress.com/terms-and-conditions/